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Typical Teenage Girl. Brown no, RED hair. Blue eyes. Cheerleader. Varsity that is. Theatre Nerd. Mah-Kah-Wee. Church, bc I'm down with Jesus. Music Addict. Lives on the Beach. Never has any time to kill. Too competitive for her own good.

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Summer 09 [
Posted on July 12, 2009 @ 10:25 am
Back to lj

summer is crazy, LIVING IN HOTLANTA
best town ever
im loving it

home in two weeks!

see you then <3

How you're sorry about the way this all when down [
Posted on July 07, 2006 @ 1:13 pm
[ mood | hopeful ]

Oh boy oh boy :]

This week off from MKW has been wonderful!! Baby and Lucky came into town yesterday and we went to the beach, Da Kines and Longboard House. We burried Baby in the sand and I got two cuts of my legs from the stupid rocks. We saw a gigantic Rainbow sandal in Longboard house, it was the sweetest thing ever.

Today I went around to get cheerleading sponsors and got fitted for my Bridesmaid dress, which was this big huge deal. I think its all worked out now though. While I was on this adventure I picked up a job application for Indian River Coffee Co! www.indianrivercoffee.com I really would like to work there, and there was a cute boy, which is a total plus. As soon as this rain lessens, I'll go turn it in.

Cheerleading practice today, then SEUSSICAL. I'm an idiot and thought the show opened LAST night so Caitlin came over and I called Ryan to wish him good luck and such and I couldn't wait to see him and he calls me back and says' umm, Madeline...it TOMORROW night" so me and Caitlin when on an adventure ALL over town to try and rent CHICAGO and we eventually got it. Yeah, we got the rights to do CHICAGO as our Fall Musical!!!!!!!!! So I'm very into it right about now!!

love love love

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It's Independance Day!! [
Posted on July 04, 2006 @ 8:18 am
[ mood | peaceful ]


YAY!!! The only plans I have are to go to the Cocoa Beach Pier and watch fireworks with Megan and Josie.

It's the 2 year anniversary of my livejournal!! still going strong! I've posted 245 entries and 1, 259 comments. I have recieved 652 comments on my lj. I have 43 friends and am in 16 communities

love love love

OH-new layout. my old one was way cute, but I'd had it for soooo long. check it out, tell me what you think

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It was the best day of my life [
Posted on July 03, 2006 @ 9:34 am
[ mood | pleased ]

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And I like it a whole lot!

Yesterday Megan Michelle Melinda nad I went to Wal=Mart to make M to the Fo shirts, and I decieded I wanted to dye my hair! Its not permanant (I got too scared) It lasts for 8-10 washes. Everyone was really suprised that I spontaniously did it, but whatever, I thought it was funny!

MAHKAHWEE----last week was THE BEST. We did the 24 hour experience and it was a blast! We pranked and danced and had too much fun. Jonah made us a video and he showed it Friday at the sockhop and I got a little teary but the little kids kept looking back at us, so I couldnt cry, not in front of them! The whole staff pranked our bathhouse and filled, i mean FILLED, it with balloons and glitter and chalk and whatnot. I'm pretty sure I'm with the brownies for my intership next week. We were presentd with our staff shirts at Thursday campfire and Loco wrote us this wonderful letter which is now hanging up on my wall. I'm very sad there is only one week left, this summer had been an amazing one.

TOMORROW IS MY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MY LIVEJOURNAL!!!! i think thats pretty exciting!

We set off fireworks last night and saw the movie CLICK. It was sooo sad! It was Megan Melinda and Josie and it was funnn!!! I love hanging out with my girlies!!


I need a job, but I'm never home long enough! :[
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You are so ambitous for a juvenille [
Posted on June 24, 2006 @ 10:43 am
[ mood | content ]

Ahhhh, Mah-Kah-Wee. This past week was WONDERFUL!! We went on a nighttime boat ride, ropes course, brownie plays, seeing BABY, counselor hunt, slushies, and more!! yay for another great week at the mkw. next week is going to be CRAZY. We are visiting camp wee-wah(?) and doing the 24 hour experience. I think I just might DIE during that.

I have a cheerleading carwash today at taco bell. woohoo....i havnt seen like ANY of them all summer. this is going to be either really GOOD or really BAD. oh well..

I have a lock in at the church tonight, too bad NO ONE is going. banke is my only friend there i suppose. i dont even know what to bring or anything, i should probably look that up and such.

My mommy bought me bubble gum ice cream as a suprise so i ate some of it and watched 13 going on 30 last night. it was WONDERFUL

i leave sunday yet again :]

peace out,


Dancing on the kitchen tiles [
Posted on June 16, 2006 @ 9:21 pm
[ mood | moody ]

Ah, I just got off the phone with Bernie. We talked a bit about Brian, which actually just made me really mad. Its all good though. IM NOT MARRIED. thats my phrase i plan on living by for quite some time.


Yay for Mah-Kah-Wee!! I got back today from week 1 of 4. it was great fun, though im not a big fan of the new director. the staff rocks though. there is only one that i dont like, and im never around her so its not a big deal. I really like CIT with Lucky and the new girl Rebel (oh man, shes a story in herself...) Today we had MKW OLYMPICS!! Taco is great fun and Loco being there makes it 93407 times better. BABY COMES NEXT WEEK!! yay, im so excited. My mom said I can let some internationals stay at the house next weekend so I'll either ask Ice, Scrappy or Longa. I don't know which one though. WE EARNED A BROWNIE TrY IT. today in the program shed the CITs got bored so we earned the dancersize(sp?) try it. yay!

but if you deny me one of your kisses, dont know what I'd do.

I visited Michelle today because she got her wisdom teeth taken out, I brought her a slurpee and as I pulled out of 7-11 my car STALLED. for the millionth time. ahhhh, it drives me crazy. But it was sossooso good seeing Michelle, her cheeks are a little puffy but we got to chat it up and thats all I ever need. Then Ross called and asked me to go the movies but I couldnt get a hold of my parents to ask so I couldnt go :[ Im defiently all for Ross after this...

okay, heres what happened when i talked to bernie. I just need to get it out. Aparently Brian was pissed that I broke up with him but now he doesnt care. he doesnt care one bit and is "over high school bullshit" ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Yeah, too bad this had nothing to do with that. Bernie said he wont talk about it to anyone and is just ignoring the whole thing and pretending like it didnt happen. Its so frusterating. If brian knew about Ross though, I thought he'd be mad, but now I'm wondering if he'd even care.

I talked to Brian once this week and it was kinda awkward and Brian was acting so depressed the whole time. He wouldnt talk, he wouldnt say anything.

I need advice.

I miss MKW already. oh wow, im so pathetic.

Tomorrow I have a lame cheerleading fundraiser from 10-1 and then Wet N Wild from 1-whenever. I've never been to Wet N Wild before, so I'm excited. I've been to Watermania and Blizzard Beach though. I'm gonna be so tired. I wanna get back in time for Michelle's movie night though. which I ahve no idea when that will be?

My moods keep changing. radpidly. that can't be normal.

love love love,

i was mad, to sad, to confsued, and now im happy and wanting to dance. i just started listening to music so that must be why...im such a girl
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Posted on June 10, 2006 @ 4:08 pm
[ mood | gloomy ]

I broke up with brian last night.

But its really just a break. at least i hope so.

This past week I have grown as a christian and im not sure if what i have with brian is right for me right not.

i cried quite a bit.

were not going to see each other for 5 weeks because we will both be out of town. so its a time out and then we're playing it by ear. ill still talk to him a lot though.

MKW TOMORROW. im not as excited as i should be. this whole brian thing is a downer.

i made two new best friends this week. they are AMAZING.

im sad. but im okay.

im sure shelby will be thrilled...

i had a car wash today, ew.

<3 Madeline

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On a jet plane. [
Posted on June 03, 2006 @ 3:49 pm
[ mood | cynical ]

I'm leaving tomorrow for four weeks and I'm only home on Saturdays.

I'm feeling:
-off the wall with emotions.

See you all. Some sooner then later. <3


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eljay secrets [
Posted on June 01, 2006 @ 7:25 pm
[ mood | creative ]

Heres lj secrets, feel free to guess which one you are if you even are one. I'm doing all nice secrets because drama is for losers :]

#1-Meeting you this past year has been great, I know I get frusterated at you at times for silly reasons, but I do love you. I'm glad you aren't leaving me and we get another year together.

#2-We share our love for one single place and we have too much fun when we're there. This summer is going to be amazing, not that I'm saying I'm not scared becase I definetly am, but I know with you by my side, it will be a blast no matter what.

#3-Before I even knew you I looked up to your confidence and talent. I love you dearly and you make me laugh. Except when you cooter punch me and it hurts. I'm devistated that you are leaving but you know I will visit you constantly.

#4-I remember your the first summer I met you. At the end of the week the first words to my mom, before i said hi or how are you were CAN I PLEASE STAY ANOTHER WEEK PLEASE?! I'm saddened I havn't seen you in so long, but this summer you better come visit or else...HUG ME!

#5-My kleenex buddy. Why havn't we talked in so long? Do you still have AIM? Well I hope life is going well, you are wonderous. :]

Alrighty, take your pick.

I've seen Just My Luck 3 times and I saw X-Men today, both were good movies. the end.


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You're lovely and you're perfect [
Posted on May 29, 2006 @ 10:38 am
[ mood | cheerful ]


No but really, I'm having a great time.

Caitlin is coming to live with me in about an hour or so for the next three days. We're gonna go to either the beach or the mall today, I have plans for both so whichever one she would prefer. I;m excited about ehr lviing with me, it will be wayy fun!

Brian leaves Wednesday to go to LA for a week. When he gets back, I will be in the middle of my 4 weeks only home Saturdays one week off then gone for another week. With some vacations in between that. Im going to miss him very very much!! He is actually a wonderful boyfriend. The best :]

Mah-Kah-Wee is only 2 weeks away!!! and i found out TACO IS OUR CIT DIRECTOR!!!!!!! I seriously stood up and jumped up and down when i found out. Because I was a little concerned about how scrict this new lady was going to be, but with taco running out camp, it will be THE COOLEST! YAY Mah-Kah-Wee will rise again!! This will be the best summer yet! :]:]:]

Alrighty kids, Happy Memorial Day!! Have a sweet summer, you know I am!!

love you,
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Posted on May 24, 2006 @ 10:47 am

that is all.

It's just a noisy hall where there's a nighty brawl. [
Posted on May 18, 2006 @ 6:34 pm
[ mood | crazy ]

I've been sucking at updating. my bad.

Let's see...this was the last week of real school!! and today was the last day of real school! I have Driver's Ed and my math exam tomorrow. I also have my dmv appt. after school, IM GETTING MY LICENSE!!! AND I DONT HAVE TO TAKE THE TEST. well...yes i do, but it's different.

Tomorrow is Brian's grad party and then Sat is GRADUATION!!! I'm excited. :]

Seniors last day was today :[

but Brian brought me a happy meal :]

Last night was the first ever Scarlet vs Silver football game, us returning varsity cheered and i had so much fun! It was good stuff.

ugh, I'm having the worst trouble finding a song for my drama monologue...I CAN'T SING! rawr.



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One Hundred Percent [
Posted on May 13, 2006 @ 4:32 pm
[ mood | complacent ]

I just got off the phone with Carrie, the new mkw director. I had a 'phone interview' for the new CIT session. Lauren, she said you weren't signed up yet, get on that!! She asked me all the typical questions, and she said I answered them well. She told me all about the CIT program and what to expect this summer. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit worried its going to be not what I want and I'm scared I'm not going to like it. I just spent the past half hour telling her how optomistic and easy going I am, it's just MKW is different. I don't know. Expect the worst, Hope for the best.

Cheerleading garage sale this morning, nothing too exciting. OUR PRACTICE WEAR IS UGLY!!

Last night was Taylor's party. it was great fun, me and brian got into our first "fight", but it wasn't even a fight because I just kept getting mad and he kept saying sorry. Ugh, I want him to fight back sometimes, stand up for yourself! He made some joke about AIDS and I flipped and said I'm missing the Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS fundraiser at the school to be here so don't go and make stupid jokes like that that are not the least bit funny. His response was 'Why do you care, because you've seen RENT?" Omg, i was like you did NOT just say that!! yeah, jerk. HOW DID IT GO DRAMA KIDS????

Tonight is Bernards party, and I'm tres excited! I need to go shave my legs though, so peace out.



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Nothing ever seems to go my way [
Posted on May 08, 2006 @ 5:20 pm
[ mood | frustrated ]


Seriously, my mom is driving me CRAZY. It seems all we've done this past week is argue with each other. She doesn't understand how psycho she really is. I'll go and try to tell her why I'm upset and be calm about it and as soon as I start she'll go I DONT LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE and won't let me finish. So today she wouldn't let me go over to Brians house because I need to study for my math quiz that I have tomorrow. After the fact that I finished all my homework and took the initiative to go to my teachers math help session after school. I did all this and shes like NO YOU HAVE TO GO OVER IT WITH YOUR DAD, so I just flipped. I was on the phone with brian the whole time and me and my mom just yelling at each other, I finially just told her that she doesn't listen to me and shes like No, you are getting it all wrong, so I go to tell how I'm feeling or whatever about this and she flips out and won;t let me finish so I just yeled, this is the PROBLEM you don't listen to me and went into my room, apologized to Brian and now I'm here and my mom's not talking to me. This is my punishment, her not talking to me, hell of a lot easier for me! ugh, I cannot stand her, and I know Mother's Day is coming up and all, but shes making it pretty damn hard for me to want to do something nice for her.

I know its not all her though, I'm getting so stressed with finals and school and friends and cheerleading and drama and summer and life. I'm holding up alright though. Last week I got really upset about it all, but I think I'm good now. Just keep moving forward. :] just keep swimming just keep swimming

She just told me not to take my attitude out on the dog, and I started laughing at her. Now I'm 'only hurting myself"...I thought it was real funny.

Mrs Roub asked me to babysit for her chillens tomorrow. That makes me happy because shes never asked me before, and that means she trusts me. Her kids are pretty sweet too. YAY. That and the fact that we got yearbooks today make me happy. I've got the best school picture I've ever had, so YESS, but there is this lame picture of my laughing with my mp3 player, whatev :] The cheerleading page is cute, and I'm on the drama page. finally. hahaha

OMG, so much cheerleading drama happened, pretty much resulted in our whole team hating all the new varsity. They think they are so cool, but I want to punch them all in their big whore faces. I won't go into it, but yeah.

The song won't stop till the tape runs out.

I'm not really looking for comments, I just needed to get this out. Thank goodness for eljay. :]

love and other indoor sports,
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I'm gonna shout about it [
Posted on May 07, 2006 @ 7:00 pm
[ mood | tired ]

Today was an EXCELLENT day.

I GOT A DOGGIE!!! his name is Kodo and he's so cool!! I'm so excited!!

Today was Josh Hester's b-day party. It was so much fun, we went out on his boat and went to Captain Hirams and then went tubing and such. It was AMAZING!!! I'm so worn out now though, we were out there for like 6 1/2 hours. Good Timesss!!

School is ALMOST over!!


<3333333333 Madelineeee

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love love love [
Posted on May 03, 2006 @ 5:47 pm
[ mood | stressed ]

Comment and:
1. I'll respond with something random about you
2. I'll challenge you to try something
3. I'll pick a color that I associate with you
4. I'll tell you something I like about you
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I'll ask you something I've always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours

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I felt as if I won the lottery that day [
Posted on May 02, 2006 @ 4:28 pm
[ mood | hopeful ]

How is everyone doing today?

I'm still getting over my sickness. It's not fun. boooo

This has been a good week so far, but it's only Tuesday. Nothing is going on in school, it's getting boring. Oh, but I did see the yearbook today, it's called I Satellite. LAME?!!? yes. but what can you do. There is this silly picture of me with my mp3 player and it talks about it. Theres cheerleading and drama pics as well. yay. The thing they did for superlative is so cool this year, every two superlatives got their own page. it's so cool.

Tonight is sushi with Caitlin. I'm mucho exciteddddd. :] I;m going to wear this shirt my mommmy bought me yesterday for absolutly no reason as well as two belts. It was pretty SWEET.

peace out kiddos



It's a good mistake [
Posted on April 27, 2006 @ 7:04 pm
[ mood | sick ]

Sorry I suck at updating.

I've been mucho sick the past couple of days and have been staying home from school. I guess Channel 6 news did it? No jk, I got it from my dad I think. I'm pretty sure I'm heading back tomorrow which is going to be a pain to catch up on everything that I've missed.

I'm supposed to go to MKW this weekend but I don't think I'm going because of my illness. I'm quite bummed, but the summer is not too far off. 4 weeks there will satisfy me I'm sure :] The director called me yesterday just to say Hey and that she's exctied that I signed up for CIT (I'm pretty sure she did this with everyone). She said that she is ending me something in the mail and that I need to do a phone interview with her "as if I was going to be a real couselor" it took a lot of stregenth not to say "Well actually, I AM SUPPOSED TO BE A REAL COUNSELOR". but thankfully, I contained myself. Overall, she sounded like a nice lady, which is more than I can say for Rig, so yay! I'm so excited for this summer as I think mkw is finally coming back together after the summer of hell last year. :]

I cannot wait for summer though, I can tell its close because I'm getting lazier with school. I get my license soon and as a Monday I have my sisters car for all of May and then we share the rest of the summer.

So I had cheerleading tryouts last weekend, I made it and so did the rest of the entire high school...not really. Except, 38 girls made it. I'm sorry, but when you only lose 6 Seniors, adding another like 17, not a smart idea. I know this year is going to be crazy drama and such because there are so many of us, but I'm determined to make the best of it. I've already started this by asking Jordan to do Duets with me and she agreed, so YAY. I didn't think I was ready for Individuals, so this is the next best thing and I cannot wait.

Oh, and we had our play. Wow, it was only a week ago but geeze it feels like an eternity! My first mainstage :] Caitlin and a few others came Thursday and my parents and brian and all of our friends came Friday. I think I performed much better on Thursday, but Cappies came Friday night. I didn't get nominated for anything, I wasn't really expecting to, but it would have been nice. I think my character was too blah and weird, but hey I've got 2 more years so I'll save it for then.

I have a huge thank you to throw our there to BABY who sent me the nicest card in the mail for absolutly no reason at all. That meant the world to me. :]

The boy and I are great, just to let you know. He came over twice yesterday and we watched LOST and played the question game and other dumb things like that. Everyone is saying that he is good for me, and I have to say that I agree.

woah, long update but I think it was necessary. My icon is Cheyenne Kimball who is my new love. She is so talented, go her.

love and other indoor sports,

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its my chance to shine, sweet sixteen :] [
Posted on April 15, 2006 @ 2:25 pm
[ mood | anxious ]

Today is my sweet 16 birthday party!!! yay, I'm so excited! It's gonna be soo soo soo much fun :]

My real birthday went really well, Caitlin came over for our 11 year tradition and we ate oreo pie. Brian got me LOST Season 1, and it is sooooo good.

I got a new bathing suit for my party, it (unintentionally) matches the balloons and the cake, but w/e i like it a lot.



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But at the same time we're still young [
Posted on April 09, 2006 @ 12:04 pm
[ mood | sleepy ]

PROM WAS AMAZING. I'm too lazy for an lj cut, so I'll only one picture. Look at my icon, thats one of them.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Some boys just aren't good at silly faces. lol

Yeah, last night was so much fun. The boys made all the girls dinner and it turned out really well, then we went ot the dance and it was fun, really hot and lots of gross sweaty boys. seriously, they walk past you and got a nice puddle on your arm. attractive?? lol then we went to brians and had chocolate fondue which was AMAZINGGGG. then we hot tubed it. Then brian felt sick so we just hung around and then i went home. It was so much fun though :] Everyone looked so pretty!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, love you.
<3 Madeline

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